Can you consistently
‘Cut Through The Noise’
and get the attention of hard to reach Prospects?

a strong 'carry out message' gets attention of hard to reach prospects.

prospects remember it. it sticks in their minds. You and it become one.

Over 1450 satisfied clients benefit from 2 Steps that ‘Cut Through The Noise’.

(1) Use the back door to a prospect's mind.
(2) Use your strong 'Carry Out Message'.

Let us lead you to a strong 'Carry Out message'. Get the attention and connection you desire.

Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team has merged decades of Scientific Study, Engineering, Executive Sales and Professional Speaking knowledge to create 'The Passion To Prosperity' Series. Nationally, over 1000 passionate attendees from across the USA have learned how 'Passion To Prosperity' clarifies their Passion, and its benefits to others, by monetizing their message with their '7 Second Statement'. Learning how to combine their ‘7 Second Statement’ with emotionally connecting stories, participants experience measurable results of greatly increased conversion, engagement and revenue.

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Brad Zaba, DTM, CSC,BSEE

President and Co-Creator of Passion To Prosperity and The 5C Storytelling Process

Tim Glowacki, CC, M.Sc., USN (Ret)

Exec. Dir. Customer Satisfaction and Co-Creator of Passion To Prosperity and The 5C Storytelling Process

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