July 15, 2016

See What People Are Saying

Access Communications...present(ed) the StoryTeller Workshop to our Resource Development and Marketing/Communications departments.  The training and tools ...are absolutely invaluable.  They show the critical components of a story—the "5 C’s"—and then help you apply them to YOUR story.  With this new knowledge, and their helpful guidance during the workshop, you are able to immediately use this technique on your own.  My confidence level has soared knowing I have the right tools to tell my story in a way that will not only speak to the ears of my audience, but to their heart as well.

Kari Hardman
Campaign Officer / Trident United Way

Our storytellers now have a tool that has given us the power to connect with prospective donors and rekindle the enthusiasm of loyal contributors.

Mike Gray
Senior VP Resource Development / United Way of The Midlands

Last year’s United Way Storyteller Message Guide was my road map. This year with the 5C structure, you gave me GPS!

Edward Farlin
Volunteer Tutor

In my 10 years as a United Way staff member I have never witnessed a professional development program deliver such immediate results

Mary Wright
Community Engagement Director

I was very impressed with how Brad was able to communicate with...my clients...from different...industries. He gave...each solid advice and examples... demonstrating that his Structure is solid. He has a great sense of humor and held our...audience's attention. I...enjoyed his workshop, personality, and delivery.

Nancy Williamson
SC Small Business Development Corp

One of the highlights of my 25+ year sales career is having Brad as my personal presentation and speaking coach. It has been...incredible and the results have been spectacular. He...gives me the ability to...tell a story that...connects with the audience. He...pushes the boundaries of traditional thinking. Now... my...results are at a whole new level.

Jack M.
National Sales Director / Chicago, IL

Having participated in several of Brad's 'personal story' training events, I now have the ability to quickly, and genuinely, bring the discussion back to my key point in a sales call."

Karen B.
Senior Vice President / Insurance Company, South Carolina

We've worked with Brad and Tim since 2007, with their company greatly helping us sell our workers compensation review services. They've been great, and we'd recommend them to anyone interested in their services.

Scott M. Priz
Vice President / Advanced Insurance Management, Chicago, IL

Brad helped...to develop a 4 step recruiting process that is... trainable and repeatable.  The...secret...is not...memorizing and repeating a canned sales pitch, but....sharing stories of other Member's experiences to establish an emotional connection.

President / Lake Murray Boat Club, South Carolina

Brad has worked with us over...several years. Our sales have...increased.  A customer hijacked our appointment, talking football. I...knocked over (his)...coffee...interrupting him. Brad commented, " We talked about maintaining control, you did what you had to do. " I recovered and closed the deal. Since then, I always bring coffee, just in case.

Douglas M.
President / NC Telecom Company

Without Brad's simple yet effective training on how to have a story ready, and how to take any question asked and divert that question to my pocket story -- I would never have overcome my fear of speaking impromptu. Thanks Brad!!!

Henry F.
SC Impromptu Speech Champion

Give yourself an unfair business advantage by learning the Structure.  Very flexible and adaptable to almost any scenario.  Our members can really benefit by learning this.

Frank Knapp
CEO / SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce

Brad Zaba has been a' rock star' in the Toastmasters... Speakers Bureau. He has been repeatedly selected for high level...engagements and...wows his audience. He uses ... structure for his presentations that is entertaining, engaging and custom fitted to his subject matter. I can always count on Brad to be prepared, punctual and deliver his presentations with professionalism and flair. He continues to be one of most requested speakers.

Dana M. Swarner
Bureau Chair / Toastmasters District 58 Speakers